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Let Rite Copy’s electronic  boards take your training, brainstorming and seminars to the next level with our Metallic, Colour, or Interactive whiteboards.   Direct printing, scanning, or integrating your PC and projector make these units a must for your training and board rooms.

What’s Panaboard?


Panaboard is a revolutionary whiteboard that improves the efficiency of all types of meetings, both daily discussions and major presentations, and also allows information to be effectively shared between presenters and participants, and even with people who cannot attend.

What’s a Colour White Board?


Color Panaboard can scan written information and attached documents in either color or black and white, and store the scanned data.
The scanned data can be easily transferred to a PC by using an SD Memory Card, a USB flash memory device or a USB cable, and distributed via email for easy sharing. The scanned data is also easy to carry about. When the optional printer is connected, scanned data can be printed out immediately.



What’s an Interactive White Board?


It's a whiteboard that lets you project PC screen images onto it, and lets you operate the PC right from the board surface.
This contributes to smooth, easy-to-understand presentations and is ideal for meetings in which Websites are displayed, motion images are shown, and additional information is written while meeting.